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Have you ever wanted to sale like the pros do and make Hugh sums of money in the Selling
Profession. Now you can.  Peet says that selling involve the exchange of goods and services
for an equal value or an alternative of time and or money.

In the One Up Technique Method Of Selling, on page 15, Peet  talks about this little known
style of selling that can make you a handsome fortune in a very short period of time. Larry
Best, 55 yrs. old , a farm hand all of his life, in Waller Pool South Carolina, never sold
anything. He came to Albertson, New York City, to look for work, He was able to find the
only type of work available -Selling.  It scared the heck out of him. He knew that he wasn’t
good at talking and making people want to buy  from or to do business with him.

His first week on the sales floor of  ShowCase Furniture,  in Albertson, Larry said he
realized, what he had feared most. He wasn’t  cut out or meant to be a salesman. Larry was
staying with and renting a room from a friend, Joe Maxwell who  was working as an auto
mechanic in Albertson, who had also left Waller Pool Ten years before. 

Larry, began to worry and worry bad because his probationary period  in sales with  SCF
was shorting, with 4-weeks left, and he had not sold a broom handle or broom stick. He
also knew that his rent was coming up, and he started to loose sleep, and walking the street
on his days off at  SCF, looking for odd jobs, temporary help, and part time work because
he knew and felt in his heart that his sales- No selling job for him was all but over.

Feeling worse now than ever before. He really felt DOWN. only three weeks left, before his
review with SCF, Larry, while on his walking excursions pass by a book store window. As
he was going by, something caught the corner of his eye. His eye caught the title of a small
book that read: “The One Up Technique Method of Selling.” Larry, Didn’t have but 10.00
in his Pocket which he had borrowed from Joe for his dinner the night before. He rushed
into the store and sort its price. At that time it was 9.97. The Cashier toll him that she had
enough pennies in the “give a penny jar” to cover the tax.

Larry, while at the check out counter paying for the book,was thumbing through the pages
with excitement and anticipation about reading this book because he was seeing headings
on selling that he had never seen anywhere else in his life.
On the way back to his room , Larry saw the diner where he was suppose to get the food
from and just realized that  he didn’t have any money to stop and get his food for the
Then, he remembered one of those heading that he saw when he was thumbing through the
book at the book store that got him excited, and began to hasten home to his room where he
could see what this little book was all about.

After his first night of GETTING AND READING “OUTMOS”, and returning to work the
next day, Larry’s co-workers said he seemed taller, sounded different, and they noticed
that his body language and his actions had taken an about face when dealing with
customers. On his third day at work after reading this book, larry landed one of the largest
single sales in  the history of the company.
In the days and weeks that followed, Larry Best won the majority of company's
sales awards.
He was named salesperson of the year two times straight. Yes, they all wanted to
know what caused and made the difference in him being able to come from nowhere
and rise to #1 position with the company. He points to “One Up Technique Method
of Selling” by: Robert Peet
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