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OK, Now You Can Laugh Out Loud and Have Some Real Fun! & Make Some New Friends and Gain Respect From Old Ones Too!------yOUR FREE
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Don.t get mad with her/him. Make them Laugh Instead. Laughter is after all the  best Medicine. Did you know that you can get your way with people and have your way with them if you cheer them up before hand. You will also attract more positive people and prospects to you if you
know when to add humor and glee to change the mood of those that you are dealing with and needing a favor or some other entity.
Perhaps you can remember when telling or listing to jokes while traveling on a long trip, made the enroute time seem more pleasant, shorter, and much more fun for all on the trip.  In every day life we all need to inspire or cheer someone up and we also need to be cheered up from time to time ourselves

ALL ages, races  sexes and genders like to be immused and to  immused others. There are thousands of commedic entertainers and jokesters that make a very good living from telling jokes. In fact many of them have gained fortune and fame in this industry alone.
Of course, 25- Peanut and Beer Jokes  will not bring you world fame and fortune, but it will give you an advantage over those who are just living a dull and dry existance. It will give you what you may need to get you out of a jam with your CLOSE FRIENDS, COWORKERS, BOSS, PARENT, WIFE OR HUSBAND. or That First Date.

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